Offshore Made Easy

Get skilled devs for your team fast. We treat each customer's project like it's a holy thing.

Build better software

Bespoke software development
Our main expertise is enterprise projects: SLA, NDA, and corporate compliance policies are common words for us.
Nearshore and Offshore Software Development
Easily scale up your product team by hand-picked developers and software engineers (remote or on-site)

Technology stack

We leverage technology of JavaScript and TypeScript to develop comprehensive solutions. We're on top of the latest trends of web development to implement the most reliable and flexible tools.
React.js (Next.js, Redux), Vue.js.
Mobile: React Native.
Node.js (Express, Fastify, Nest), PHP (Laravel).
Database: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Clickhouse, Elasticsearch.

Industries we work with

We have a narrow focus to provide comprehensive solutions.
Banking, fintech, and insurance
System integrators and IT outsourcers

Pricing models

Fix Price, Time & Materials, or Outstuffing are on your choice.
Fixed Price
Small (up to 1 month) tasks with a specific fixed set of requirements and a high degree of project understanding. The cost is fixed before the start of work and will not change in the process.
Post payment upon the completion of the sprint.
Time & Materials
Long-term projects with a constant flow of tasks. Work is planned in short sprints, the cost of work is paid based on the hours spent (flat hour rate).
Post payment at the end of the month.
The best model for long-term cooperation. We prepare a team of suitable specialists for the project and hand it over to your PMs. You get the team at your disposal, but without dealing with recruitment, training, and organization - all of this we take.
Post payment at the end of the month.


Fast kick-off
You give us the task and get a ready-to-go team. Do not waste time on hiring, onboarding, training.
Flexible scalability
Our team is remote and distributed. We can easily adapt its size and tailor it to your needs.
Taking care of security
SLA, NDA, digital signatures, and specialized software (Citrix).

Principles we believe in

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The engineering approach to bespoke development
we design robust solutions preventing potential pitfalls
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Lean development
we reduce losses by using resources rationally
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Long-term operation
we create systems that can be easily scaled and we stay alert for market trends and changing conditions
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Working in the shadows
our processes work properly, even if they are out of view