Outsourcing production with engineering approach

Technology stack

We use all features of JavaScript and TypeScript to implement lengthy or complex tasks. We keep up with cutting‑edge trends in web development and choose the most reliable and flexible tools.
React.js (Next.js, Redux), Vue.js.
Mobile: React Native.
Node.js (Express, Fastify, Nest), PHP (Laravel).
Database: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Clickhouse, Elasticsearch.

Cooperation format

We offer different models of work: Fix Price, Time & Materials, Outstaffing. Choose the most convenient model.
Fix Price
Small (up to 1 month) tasks with a certain fixed set of requirements and a high degree of certainty. The cost is agreed upon before the start of work and never changes in process.
The bill is payable at the end of the development phase
Time & Materials
Long‑term projects with a steady flow of tasks. The work is planned in short sprints; the actual cost of the work is paid based on the hours spent (at an agreed per hour rate).
Post Payment monthly
It’s one of the best models for long‑term cooperation. We pick up a team of right specialists for the project and invite your project managers to manage the team. You get all the resources at your disposal; and you don't have to worry about hiring, training, organizing workplaces - we do that for you.
Post Payment monthly

Benefits of working with us

We use modern programming languages and libraries to implement large and complex tasks. We keep track of new products, choose the most reliable and flexible tools. You can make payment up to 45 calendar days after the invoice date.
Fast kick‑off
You give us a task and get a ready‑made team. No need to waste your time on hiring, onboarding and training.
Flexible scaling
Our team is remote and distributed. We can easily adapt the team’s size and composition to your requirements.
Take care of security
SLA, NDA, work via Electronic Signature Software and specialized software like Citrix.